All in one solar street lights

5 Reasons to Choose All in one Solar Street Lights

With solar street lights becoming less bulky and more affordable, municipalities around the world are now more inclined to replace aging and power consuming electric street lights with cost and energy efficient all-in-one solar street lights.

Here are 5 reasons customers should choose self contained all in one solar street lights

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Solar Parking Lot Lights

Why Businesses Should Invest in Solar Parking Lot Lights

Dark, unlighted parking lots are prime spots for the perpetration of crime, be it petty or serious. Bad elements appreciate the unsafe qualities of such a place and frequent it with the hope of targeting their next victims. It’s not unsafe for just the people, either. Business establishments that these unlighted parking lots serve may also fall victim to the unpleasant possibilities brewing in the nearby darkness. Continue reading

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Solar Street Lighting

Rising Need of Clean Energies Drives Solar Street Lighting Market

There’s a non-stop and increasing demand for energy, which has been further exacerbated by the depleting levels of fossil fuels. For this reason, governments are eager to explore alternative energy solutions to meet this demand.

The solar sector, in particular, has grown exponentially in recent years, and one of the areas where this provides the answer is street lighting. Indeed, solar street lighting is projected to steadily expand in the coming years. Continue reading

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Solar Powered LED Parking Lot Lights

Reasons Why Solar Powered LED Parking Lot Lights Are Your Best Option

When it comes to parking lot lights, many organizations are learning that it greatly benefits them to take the solar route. Solar powered lighting is just so convenient in many ways. First, it can be installed without requiring outdoor outlets or hooking up to the community’s power grid. Second, it is cheap and easy to maintain. With power stemming from renewable energy coming from the sun, an infinite source, the electric bill will be so much smaller than if regular electric parking lot lights were used. Third, it’s green and guilt-free. There’s no call to use polluting energy sources to make it work.

If you run a business, you can appreciate the advantages of having solar-powered lights in your parking lot.

If you’re worried that your parking lot is shaded by surrounding buildings and doesn’t receive much sunlight, you can still use solar street lights. Even if you’re in an area that doesn’t get a lot of sun at all, your solar lights will still work.

You’ve established that you want the sun to be your energy source for your parking lot lights; now it’s time to choose what kind of bulb to use. LED is the easy answer these days. LED bulbs are efficient, cost-effective, and green as well. How are they efficient? To begin with, they offer more effective illumination than fluorescent bulbs. According to studies, for outdoor lighting applications, a LED lamp rated at 45 lumens per watt has the same performance as a fluorescent lamp rated at 75 lumens per watt. Besides this, LED lights are designed for programmability and fine-tuning to better cater to specific functions.

While the brightness of solar powered LED parking lot lights may depend on the amount and quality of daylight they were exposed to, it really also depends on the quality of the product. There’s also the matter of choosing the right product for the purpose you have in mind. For instance, LED bulbs are generally bright white, which is great for illuminating parking lots, but if you’re after a softer glow for atmosphere, you might want to choose ones with tinted covers.

At the end of the day, it’s all about efficiency, economy, and ecology. The combination of solar energy and LED technology is clearly an ideal pairing, hence the steadily increasing demand for solar parking lot lighting.

Check our solar parking lot lights

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Best LED Solar Flood Lights

A List of Qualities and Features You Want From The Best LED Solar Flood Lights

Since solar power is abundant, and it’s sustainable energy, people are gravitating more and more toward these sun-powered solutions. On top of this, with environmental responsibility in mind, many deem the use of solar-powered options as some of the best ways to gradually reduce dependence on expensive fossil fuel energy, which is responsible for a large percentage of harmful carbon emissions.

Among the highly in-demand products nowadays which function through the help of the sun are LED solar flood lights; these can provide much-needed outdoor illumination even during the worst of power outages. A lot of communities and even regular individuals these days are investing in these lighting options to ensure that in times of disaster, and whenever electric power lines are damaged, they will not have to live with pitch black darkness.

If you’re thinking of securing this important benefit by purchasing the best LED solar flood lights for your property, it’s worth noting that these products are not created the same. Their features, functionalities and overall quality differ; therefore, it’s important to determine exactly what you want these lights to provide you. To assist you with this, rounded up below are great qualities and features that the best LED solar flood lights have.

Versatile Style

There are options that create a really nice appearance for outdoor spaces. This is not only because of the sculptured light and shadows that they create, but also because they are structurally designed to be visually appealing and easy to install in various ways and places as well.

Automatic Mechanism

There are solar flood lights that gather energy throughout the day then automatically come on at dusk. This is a great source of convenience if nobody’s at home who can turn on the lights the moment it gets dark outside.

Light Intensity Controls

This will allow you to control the brightness of the lights, particularly if you want to get creative with illumination.

Motion Security

This security feature automatically turns on the light when motion is detected. This can discourage burglary or other types of home invasions for it would appear like homeowners had been alerted and are ready to get help. If you live in a remote location, this feature is surely a beneficial one for you. Check our solar security lights

Long Warranty

This will ensure you get the most out of your investment, especially if you constantly use these lights. A lot can happen in, say, a year’s time, and it will work to your advantage if you can get free repairs and other services for a considerable length of time from the manufacturers.

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Solar Flood Lights Dusk to Dawn

Solar Flood Lights Dusk to Dawn: Security With Zero Carbon Footprint

Solar flood lighting can become a key security device—no matter what type of property you own. Whether it’s for your house or for your commercial space, the outdoor lighting will provide sufficient illumination for your property and discourage intruders or thieves from entering.

Unlike traditional flood lights, you get convenient operation with solar flood lights dusk to dawn.

Dusk to dawn operation is one of its more appealing features. You don’t need to fiddle with any switches or worry about leaving on your flood lights at all hours. The device will automatically turn on when the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises. Check our dusk to dawn LED solar flood light

Brightening Outdoor Areas—When You Need It

It is the kind of security lighting you need when you tend to forget about switches. Not only are solar flood lights dusk to dawn more convenient than traditional lights but they also keep your electric bill in check. You will basically have no electric costs with your solar flood lights.

Photovoltaic cells extract power from solar energy. These cells will get sufficient energy to power your flood lights and enable the devices to illuminate your property all through the night. And this efficient use of energy leads to another advantage.

Reduced Energy Dependence
Imagine your property’s energy use if you were to install traditional lighting for a large outdoor area. You’re likely to pay more for your electric bill and consume a great deal of energy, which creates a larger share of greenhouse gas emissions on your part. With solar-powered flood lights, your carbon footprint is reduced.

Since you’re not relying heavily on electricity, your energy usage is naturally reduced. Whether you’re eco-friendly or not, reduced energy from your household or business will benefit the environment.

Better Investment
Solar flood lights are also built to last. You don’t have to worry about replacing the bulbs every year (or less) because quartz halogen bulbs last for about three years.

Because you don’t have to rely on electricity with solar flood lights, you don’t need to think about outlets. No outlets also means no wirings or cables to worry about. Solar flood lights are safer for properties because there is no risk for kids, guests, or pets tripping over cables.

Solar flood lights also keep your property secure when you’re away. You don’t need to think about faulty wiring causing a fire in your property. And your home or building will still be illuminated when the sun goes down—even with a power outage in your neighborhood.

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Solar Flood Light With Remote

Solar Flood Light With Remote – An Investment That Helps Future-Ready Businesses Shine Bright

Establishing sustainable practices in your business isn’t just a “nice to have” option anymore. With the way the world is changing, and market demands and needs are shifting, choosing the more environmentally responsible option is now a must for companies looking forward to growth and longevity.

That’s why the option to shift to more energy efficient lighting systems like solar flood light with remote is now a priority of many businesses today. Commercial buildings, industrial zones and manufacturing spaces naturally require a more significant investment in their lighting systems compared to residential properties. Therefore, if you switch to a lighting system that requires less power to run than what you already have, then you may see an immediate and remarkable change in your energy consumption.

A recommended first step is to replace your outdoor lighting with a full solar flood light with remote set.

Since outdoor commercial spaces require ample lighting to ensure the security and safety of the building and to comply with state and industry regulations, the switch you make will already have a huge impact on reducing your overall energy consumption. Moreover, the remote allows you more efficient control of your lighting systems even during the busiest seasons in the business, helping you to be more conservative in your use of lights. Check our selection of solar powered flood lights

Some of the biggest business advantages of investing in solar flood lights also include the following:

Earn the trust and loyalty of socially conscious consumers. Studies have shown that shoppers and customers today prefer to transact with businesses that are committed to environmentally sustainable practices.

Cut operating costs. Energy efficient lighting such as those run by solar energy or LED technology reduces your energy consumption and lessens the volume of waste that your business produces. This leads to a significant reduction in your utility bills and overall business expenses.

Attract more investors. For today’s leading investors, businesses that champion sustainable practices are the best ones to invest in because it means they are armed with a long-term perspective. Your switch to solar-powered flood lights is seen as a sign of smart risk management, which is a must for stakeholders.

Your flood lights are not just a source of illumination to present your business signage, display your merchandise or make your place more pleasing to clients. The type of lighting you choose reveals the values, vision and strategic outlook of your company. Invest in solar flood lights today and see a brighter future for your venture.

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Commercial Solar Sign Lights

Why Your Business Should Invest in Commercial Solar Sign Lights Today

Even in this highly digital world, where virtually everything is done on the Web, traditional marketing tactics through outdoor advertising still work.

Strategically placed billboards and signs can help your business accomplish its sales goals and marketing objectives. You can reach out to a great number of consumers and your business can stay competitive with other businesses.

Commercial Solar Sign Lights offer Businesses Visibility at a Fraction of the Cost

With 63 percent of consumers relying on billboards to find some establishments and 73 percent of local companies putting up billboards, your business is definitely going to get big results with outdoor advertising. And by using commercial solar sign lights, you could also control your advertising costs.

Solar sign lights are cost-effective lighting for your billboards. They illuminate your outdoor advertising signs while saving you loads of money on electricity bills. And this is done without sacrificing the quality of illumination your signs or billboards will need. They will not flicker and they will run smoothly.

Some might even be brighter than your traditional commercial sign lights; the level of lighting will naturally depend on the lumens and wattage of the solar sign light kit you’ve purchased.

Solar Sign Lights Are a Super Bright, Super Smart Choice

In addition to saving your business from the rising cost of electricity, the right solar sign lights for billboards and signs will also be durable. The solar sign light kits you buy now could last you a long while, with some lights delivering a minimum of 50,000 hours of illumination throughout its lifespan.
Solar sign lights are designed to be waterproof and used for any weather condition, which means you can use them just about anywhere and for any season. Even when it’s raining heavily or visibility on the road is low, your strategically placed billboard or sign will maintain its illumination and be seen.

Commercial solar sign lights are also easy to install. Instead of digging trenches to make way for electrical lines, just place the solar panel where the most sunlight can be absorbed. You save money on labor cost as well as accessories.

Eco-friendly and Good for Business
Finally, solar sign lighting is good for the environment. With your billboards and signs using solar energy to power up its outdoor advertising, you can actually contribute to making the environment better. Since consumers, most especially millennials, prefer companies that are eco-friendly, your company will also boost its image. And with an enhanced business brand, you are bound to increase customers and raise profits.

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Solar Lights for Signs

Solar Lights for Signs – How Cities and the Public Can Benefit from This Technology

Because of the benefits offered by solar lights, many property owners and corporations are making the switch to these.

Compared to their counterparts, solar lights for signs are among the most cost-effective and most eco-friendly.

Furthermore, they can be installed practically anywhere because they do not require connection to power outlets. They are also safe to use and come in a variety of styles.

And while property owners are using these for outdoor lighting and companies are switching to solar lights to illuminate commercial signs, billboards and real estate signage, a few cities are turning to solar lights for signs as well as to improve public safety.

It may not be readily apparent, but solar lighting can contribute greatly to the safety and economic development of cities.

With solar lights, cities can save a huge amount of money in different areas including energy consumption and maintenance costs. And because solar lights are eco-friendly, they can contribute greatly to the sustainability goals set forth by the city council and other stakeholders.

Solar flood lights can also help increase public safety, especially on the streets and roads. When streets and roads are amply lit, accidents and crimes are significantly reduced. It turn, this benefit can spill over to the city’s economy, especially those that rely greatly on tourism.

Among those who stand to benefit greatly from using solar lights are cities which cannot install conventional lighting systems because of logistical issues. Because solar lights do not require outlets and can essentially function independently, cities do not need to invest in wiring and cabling which often require extensive work and capitalization. Apart from eliminating these costs, cities can recoup their investment in the form of cost savings.

Solar lighting can also be easily installed in areas wherein the landscape and buildings are valued for their historical and cultural impact. Again, because solar sign lights eliminate the need to dig and bury wires and cables, they can be installed without damaging or disturbing these vital sites.

In terms of performance, solar lights can easily withstand the elements. To date, there are cities which have adapted the technology which report that their solar lighting have effectively weathered natural disasters, like hurricanes. For cities prone to similar natural disasters and blackouts, it makes sense to invest in this technology. Even after a few days of little to no sunlight, these lights can give illumination even when other lighting systems cannot function due to blackouts.

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Solar Sign Lights

Solar Sign Lights – Economically Green Solutions for Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies utilize signage for all the properties they need to sell. This way, they can easily snag the attention of people better. To be optimally effective in generating attention, signs must use colors that pop, big typefaces, strategic locations, and of course, lighting so that even when it is pitch black out or there is poor outdoor visibility due to bad weather conditions (heavy rainfall, snowfall, strong winds, etc.), the sign will still be easy to see for everybody.

When it comes to lighting real estate signage, companies have a bounty of options, but among these, they should definitely consider solar sign lights.

Although these lighting solutions are quite pricey, they offer plenty of advantages that easily outweigh their initial cost.
For starters, solar sign lights are more economical to operate as they are independent of the utility grid; there’s no payment for consuming energy from the sun, after all.

Another cool advantage of these lighting solutions is that they require much less maintenance compared to traditional sign lights.

They are high quality lighting solutions that help real estate companies reduce the cost of frequent repairs and replacements.
A third advantage they offer is the reduced risk of accidents because external wires are eliminated with these products. There have been many reports of fires caused by tampered external wiring for sign lights. With solar sign lights, real estate companies wouldn’t have to worry about such risks as much.

It’s worth mentioning as well that because these solar flood lights have no need for electrical energy sources, they offer the great flexibility of being easy to install anywhere. These lights can be installed in the remotest locations where electricity is not present – there remain to be a lot of properties for sale in such places. Likewise, in case of a power outage, real estate solar sign lights will continue to illuminate, making them stand out more in a carpet of darkness.

And lastly, as earlier mentioned, solar sign lights are completely green solutions; therefore, they can help boost the company image. With eco-friendliness or responsibility as a popular trend and value that many uphold, people tend to be more supportive of companies that make use of environmentally smart products even in small, trivial ways. And by being “green,” companies easily leave a good impression that can encourage many to act favorably toward them. Overall, it’s not just a cost-effective solution but also a sound marketing strategy due to the global trend of eco-awareness.

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