Reasons Why Solar Powered LED Parking Lot Lights Are Your Best Option

When it comes to parking lot lights, many organizations are learning that it greatly benefits them to take the solar route. Solar powered lighting is just so convenient in many ways. First, it can be installed without requiring outdoor outlets or hooking up to the community’s power grid. Second, it is cheap and easy to maintain. With power stemming from renewable energy coming from the sun, an infinite source, the electric bill will be so much smaller than if regular electric parking lot lights were used. Third, it’s green and guilt-free. There’s no call to use polluting energy sources to make it work.

If you run a business, you can appreciate the advantages of having solar-powered lights in your parking lot.

If you’re worried that your parking lot is shaded by surrounding buildings and doesn’t receive much sunlight, you can still use solar street lights. Even if you’re in an area that doesn’t get a lot of sun at all, your solar lights will still work.

You’ve established that you want the sun to be your energy source for your parking lot lights; now it’s time to choose what kind of bulb to use. LED is the easy answer these days. LED bulbs are efficient, cost-effective, and green as well. How are they efficient? To begin with, they offer more effective illumination than fluorescent bulbs. According to studies, for outdoor lighting applications, a LED lamp rated at 45 lumens per watt has the same performance as a fluorescent lamp rated at 75 lumens per watt. Besides this, LED lights are designed for programmability and fine-tuning to better cater to specific functions.

While the brightness of solar powered LED parking lot lights may depend on the amount and quality of daylight they were exposed to, it really also depends on the quality of the product. There’s also the matter of choosing the right product for the purpose you have in mind. For instance, LED bulbs are generally bright white, which is great for illuminating parking lots, but if you’re after a softer glow for atmosphere, you might want to choose ones with tinted covers.

At the end of the day, it’s all about efficiency, economy, and ecology. The combination of solar energy and LED technology is clearly an ideal pairing, hence the steadily increasing demand for solar parking lot lighting.

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