Solar Flood Lights

Greenlytes LED Solar Flood Lights feature state of the art technology allowing you to easily and quickly illuminate your outdoors, objects, business signs, etc. Each light is specifically engineered for reliability and high brightness. Our LED flood lights are manufactured with high quality and durable materials able to withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors. With solar panels, bright LEDs and rechargeable batteries as part of each unit, your light fixture is guaranteed to be low maintenance. With a day of sunlight, your LED solar flood light battery will charge with the necessary juice to power it through the night. In addition, the built-in photocell will detect the time of day, whether dusk or dawn, and turn on the unit depending on whether light is needed. You will never have to worry about whether you turned the outside lights on.

Greenlytes bright solar lights can also be used to highlight features, objects or to simply create a unique mood in your garden by highlighting shrubs or trees. If you have a beautiful fountain or statue on your property you can show it off with flood lighting. Solar powered flood lights can also provide lighting for safety purposes (on a walkway, doorway or even a garage or shed). They are a great option for all your low maintenance lighting needs.

Our LED flood lights are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and latest technology. Browse our site for the best prices and shop with confidence that you won’t be paying for more than the product you need. All our commercial solar flood lights feature a manufacturer warranty.

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