Commercial Solar Flagpole Light

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The CSFPL-C Polepal Patriot Light Commercial Solar Flagpole Light is proudly designed in the USA and specially engineered to efficiently illuminate flags and signs. This powerful solar light uses a CREE LED and can be useful when very bright and reliable illumination is needed. The flexible gooseneck allows for added infinite aiming possibilities and a magnifying lens enhances the LED power.

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The  CSFPL-C Polepal Patriot Light is an extremely bright, compact and  versatile solar flagpole light. The Patriot Light mounts easily as no electric wiring is required. It comes with all the necessary hardware for pole and flush mounting and can accommodate flagpoles from 4″ to 6″ diameter. This solar flag pole light is designed in the USA and made of top of the range components. Once installed it will survive all kinds of weather conditions.

Through the day the commercial solar flag light 3 watts/600mAh solar panel feeds the built-in 3.7 volt/3600mAh lithium rechargeable battery pack which power the powerful CREE LED during the night. The oversized solar panel allows the Patriot Light to operate even during overcast weather.

The light source consists of 1 high power CREE LED of 1 watt enhanced by a high quality magnifying lens which allows to select wide or narrow beam. When set on wide beam it will act as a solar flood light. On narrow beam the effect is more like the one of a very powerful solar spot light.

The commercial solar flagpole light can generate 200 lux when used as a floodlight and 400 Lux when setup as a spot light. It is equivalent to a 100 watts halogen light. The LED solar flag light integrates a dusk to dawn intelligent circuit which turns the LEDs ON automatically at night and OFF in the early morning. When the lithium battery is fully charged the floodlight will run for up to 14 hours every night. The Li-ion battery will fully charge in just 8 full sun hours.

Installation is straightforward and no special tools are needed. For flagpole mounting the adjustable mounting ring needs to be tightened carefully. Then the flood light and solar panel angle can be adjusted for optimal results. For flat mounting surfaces just remove the pole ring and mount the unit directly on the desired location. For ground mounting a ground stake can be supplied.

The The CSFPL-C Polepal Patriot Light modular design allows to easily add additional CREE light heads for larger area to illuminate. You can also add a larger solar panel when adding more lights or for longer periods of illumination.

Possible applications:

  • Sign lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Flag lighting
  • Pathways
  • Security lighting


Construction: Die-cast aluminum and tempered glass cover
Bulbs: 1 ultra-bright white LED (CREE)
Light output: 200-400 lux
Color temperature: 6000K (daylight)
Activation: Dusk to dawn
Battery: 3.7V 3600mAh Lithium rechargeable battery pack
Solar panel: 3 watts/6volts
Light Time: up to 14 hours
Dimensions: Solar panel 6″x 7″

What’s included with your solar powered flood light:

(1) Flood light with 1CREE LED
(1) Solar panel
(1) Rechargeable lithium battery pack
(1) Flagpole mounting ring (4″ to 6″ diameter)
(1) Installation manual


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